There are many different cities and towns in San Diego with Spanish style homes. Some of the more popular areas are Hillcrest, North Park, Kensington, Carlsbad, and Chula Vista. Spanish architecture is distinguished by a blend of detail from several eras, the style is marked by the enormous use of stucco wall and chimney finishes, clay tile, or flat roofs, and cast concrete ornaments. Some may notice with this style of home beautiful iron trim, wood casement or tall, double–hung windows, and small balconies.

North Park and Kensington are two of my favorite areas in San Diego with a great collection of Spanish style homes. Both have close proximity to favorite restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, parks, bars, book stores and more. Ray Street Arts District is located in downtown North Park, zip code 92104. In addition, home buyers will find they have many choices available in the area of Kensington, zip code 92116, which is known for Spanish Revival style homes. Many residents qualify for the The Mills Act, which is a state law letting cities enter into contracts with the owners of historic structures. These contracts require a reduction of property taxes in exchange for the continued maintenance and protection of the property.

Spanish, Tuscan or Mediterranean style houses can be found in many areas of San Diego County. We have broken down Spanish style homes by price range, ocean views, areas, and REOs. Our website offers an easy way to search Spanish style homes in San Diego with very detailed information and easy to view, large scrolling images.

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