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Getting a Mortgage Loan to Purchase your Dream Home

Home Buying

Because buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and investments of your life, 

it is extremely important to find the best financing that fits your situation. 

It can be tricky whether this is your first time purchasing a home or your third.

Many questions are sure to come up in your mind, such as

Where should you begin?, Where can I find the best rates?, and so on.

Choosing the Best Loan

There is many factors that come in to play when trying to find the best loan, 

particularly your current situation and financial goals. 

We have listed a few different options available to you:

Fixed Rate Loans: This is a popular loan because you have the ability

to lock in a low fixed rate that will never change for the term of the loan

(15, 20, 30, 40-year loans).

Adjustable Rate Loans: This is a flexible loan geared towards your

short-term Real Estate goals.

Low Down Payment Loans: Buyers with less than 20% down

would need to look at this option.

FHA Loans: These loans are a great option in this current 

economy. FHA loans offer the ability to have low down payment options

and more flexible guidelines than the more traditional mortgages.

Investment and Vacation Property Loans: These loans

are specifically designed for mortgage investors.


Interest Rates

The market is constantly changing. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate rate based on your specific Home Financing needs. Underwriting guidelines for qualifications change frequently and each loan scenario is unique. Please contact our Mortgage Loan Professionals for the latest and up-to-date Mortgage Rates.

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