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Home Equity Loans

A second mortgage or home equity loan gives homeowners the

ability to borrow money from their home's accessible equity.

Homeowners often us this type of a loan for home improvements,

emergencies, debt consolidation, education, buying a vehicle, and so on.

Benefits of a Home Equity Loan

Homeowners in need of extra cash find these

loans very  helpful. A lower interest rateis usually associated with these 

types of loans. Not to mention, you may want to ask your tax advisor 

if the interest you pay is tax deductible.

Line of Credit or Fixed Loan

The two most common types of these loans you may have already

hear of. They are the Home Equity Line of Credit, otherwise known

as HELOC, or a home equity fixed loan.

The first one, the HELOC, gives you a revolving credit line with a variable rate, 

similar to a credit card. These loans are interest-only and 

typically have a lower payment.

The money is only drawn when needed.

With the Home Equity Fixed loan you receive the entire loan amount

at the same time. The positive side is you will receive a fixed rate 

with fixed payments.

Interest Rates

The market is constantly changing. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate rate based on your specific Home Financing needs. Underwriting guidelines for qualifications change frequently and each loan scenario is unique.  Please contact our Mortgage Loan Professionals for the latest and up-to-date Mortgage Rates.

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