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Alexander Pfleger Real Estate

Alexander Pfleger has a passion for real estate and for the stunning city of San Diego. Through out his 28 plus years in real estate he has stayed solid even in the recessions.

Alexander works in all areas of San Diego solely working with referrals, past clients, and internet prospects. He participates in many seminars, webinars, and events to stay current in San Diego Real Estate.

Born in Delaware, but moving often, Alexander lived in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and attended Notre Dame Prep School. He is the son of charitable and loving parents with two sisters and a brother. Alexander graduated from Meadville High School in 1985. He moved to beautiful San Diego in 1989 jumping right into college at San Diego State University earning a Bachelors Degree in Real Estate and Finance.

Alexander is also a husband and father of three who enjoys surfing and playing at the beach with his kids.

Pfleger does more than represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. He also has traveled through Europe visiting exquisite places like France, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Budapest, Hungary, and Germany. If you find yourself traveling to these cities, feel free to ask him what sights are a must see.

Amy Pfleger manages the websites and marketing for Alexander Pfleger Real Estate and takes an active role in many areas of the business.



"My family and I recently moved here in San Diego. I'm in the military serving for over 22 years now and about to retire in 2 years. My wife and I decided to buy a house. The problem was, who was going to be our agent. I needed an agent who has patient, proactive and most of all an agent who has our best interest in his or her heart. My daughter referred Alexander Pfleger. Alexander is a great agent and a human being. Here are the reasons why; He had our best interest in his heart. He found a house that met our needs, budget and we really love. He built a good rapport with the listing agent before presenting our offer and we were selected over 3 or 4 buyers. He found over $1000 of termite damage that the termite inspector failed to do. In addition, he made a strong fight for us to received credits from the Seller. Lastly, you can tell that Alexander is very sincere! Thank you Alex for your handwork and dedication."
By Gary D.

"My husband and I, not being from San Diego, had limited resources when we began our house hunting process. We came across Alexander's website (https://sandiegobuyersmarket.com) by mere chance and I am so thankful we did. Alexander did an outstanding job as our agent. Being first time buyers, my husband and I had lots of questions/concerns about the home buying process. Alexander had great communication skills and always made time to thoroughly answer our questions even taking time out of his personal family time to assist us as needed. During our home buying process Alexander continued to go above and beyond keeping our best interest in mind and doing whatever he could to make sure we kept on schedule with our closing date. I highly recommend Alexander to any first time buyers or just anyone out there looking for an experienced, professional, and trustworthy agent. We had a great experience and couldn't have done it without a great agent."
By Shelby and Andrea

"Alexander was very professional and helpful for our first home purchase. He was persistent and always got things done on time. We were concerned about the crawl space under the property, and he took the initiative to explore the crawl space with a flashlight by himself! He even took pictures for us so we didn't have to crawl under. Alexander makes sure all his clients' concerns are addressed, and he is always available to answer your call." By Jerome and Karen

"I'm a first time home-owner and Alexander helped make this process easy! He answered all my questions and is VERY knowledgeable! He's quick and aggressive when it comes to moving in on a sale. He will do the very best he can to make sure everything works in your best interest. I finally have my first home and I look forward to working with Alexander in the future. I think he's a great agent and have been recommending him to everyone I know! Thanks, Alex! You're the best!" By Courtney W.

"Alexander is very knowledgeable about the real estate market. I was looking for a home online in Boston so I could move to San Diego. He made it easy for me. He went above and beyond helping me to find a solid home in a good neighborhood. I would definitely recommend him. He is trustworthy, friendly and assertive enough to get the job done right. I consider him a friend." By Anna C.

"Alexander is the most pleasant and friendly real estate person I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Since I live in Boston it took a lot more effort for Alexander to work with me. He has gone out of his way to make my experience seem effortless.He took care of everything to the finest details. I would highly recommend him." By Steven C.

"Alexander - Thank you for working hard on our behalf. You are truly appreciated. It was great that our paths crossed and we got to know you as an agent, but more importantly a friend. May you and your family continue to be richly blessed. Thanks again!" By Brian & Coni

"Alexander not only represented us in the sale of our home, but became a friend as well. He was extremely easy to work with as he was always available, always more than happy to thoroughly answer any of our questions, and is just an all around good and kind person. The process of buying our home was a long one and Alexander worked for us every step of the way. He is a great balance of being extremely professional and very personable. I have already recommended him to friends and would always use him as our agent." By Katie B.

"During the purchase of my first home, I was extremely nervous after renting for 15 years. Alexander clearly showed me all of my options, and closed escrow in a record 18 days. I received daily updates and instructions, and he took the extra time to answer all of my questions. Recently, I decided to sell my house, and entertained the idea of selling it myself. I am very glad I chose Alexander’s company instead. Within the past four weeks, at least 100 people have seen and walked through my house due to Direct Capital’s advertising and open houses. On average, I receive 2 to 3 phone calls per day. I am truly impressed, as this is one of the toughest housing markets in history, and Alex is generating that level of interest in my house. I am happy to recommend him to you, and am confident that his work habits, social and public speaking skills, personality, and ethical standards will serve you well." By Brian Austin

"Fabulous agent - We interviewed three different agents (two were couples), and we called their respective references. All were great, but what stood out about Alexander, was that he actually walked with a former female client, at night, in the neighborhood she was considering. He tended to all of our needs which was often at night, sometimes late at night, as we both worked. He negotiated hard on our behalf, and we appreciated that effort. I highly recommend him." By Mariah T.

"Alexander is an outstanding, knowledgeable, and trustworthy professional. We cannot thank him enough for helping us getting the house we wanted. His expertise in both real estate and mortgage were invaluable to new home buyers as ourselves! We definitely recommend Alexander and will work with him again!" By Emmanuelle and Brian

"Alexander is a great realtor. He is an extremely nice guy and was helpful, knowledgeable and gave excellent advice at all stages of the buying process. I will use him again when I sell my new home and when I buy other homes in San Diego or North County." By Mark P.

"Thank you for the many re fi's and guidance through the years, I am glad I listen to you because I still have my home when others do not. I look forward to when I need your services in the future. I know I can trust you." By Dennis L.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Alexander on a couple of properties. He is both knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with! Alexander patiently and proactively found the right property to purchase, and went above and beyond in handling the listing of another property. Through all of it, I always felt like Alexander's highest priority was that I made solid decisions, and that the outcome of those decisions accurately reflected my long-term goals. Thank you for everything Alexander!" By Anne-Laure S.

"I've worked with Alexander to buy 2 houses and sell 1 home and I can't say enough nice things about working with him. He's genuine and sincere in making sure that you feel good about the new house and the process of selling your home. I look forward to buying our next home and working with Alexander." By Stacey Yeary

"Alexander is a man of integrity, a fine gentleman and family man. He is my personal Agent, and has successfully closed several transactions for me. He has also closed numerous transactions I have referred to him from my network of family and friends. As an expert in both real estate transactions and mortgage finance, he is a rare commodity, and can be trusted to execute a deal gracefully and with a strict eye on compliance. Based on my extensive experience dealing with him, and many other real estate agents, I highly recommend him." By Chris M.


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Alexander Pfleger (GRI, SRES)

Realtor® / Loan Consultant

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